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Rana Hamir

Hamir Dev belonged to the Chauhan dynasty and drew his lineage from Prithviraj Chauhan who enjoys a respectable place in the Indian history. During his 12 years' reign, Hamir Dev fought 17 battles and won 13 of them. He annexed Malwa, Abu and Mandalgarh and thus extended his kingdom to the chagrin of Delhi Sultan, Jalaluddin, who had misgivings about Hamir's intentions. Jalaluddin attacked Ranathambhor and had it under siege for several years. However, he had to return to Delhi unsuccessful.


Jalaluddin was assassinated by his nephew Allaluddin Khilji who then crowned himself as the new Sultan of Delhi. Muhammad Shah was instrumental in making this coup successful which earned him a basketful of privileges. Muhammad Shah was even allowed access to the harem as a result of which he soon built up a good rapport with its inmates.
Chimna was one of Allaudin's begums, but Allaudin never gave her as much attention as other begums of the harem received from him. He had inadvertently managed to antagonize her. To make things worse Chimna Begum saw a valiant soldier in Muhammad Shah and was extremely impressed by his courage and boldness. Soon the vindictive begum and the ambitious Muhammad Shah started a conspiracy to slay Allaudin. Their objective was to see Muhammad Shah as Sultan and the begum as queen. The conspiratorial plans somehow leaked out. Allaudin was enraged as he came to know of Muhammad Shah's intentions. To escape the fury of Allaudin, Muhammad Shah had to flee from Delhi along with his brother. He sought asylum in many nearby kingdom but no one was ready to stand up to the wrath of Allaudin.
Muhammad Shah approached Hamir Dev. The brave Rajput was moved by his humble pleading and misery and agreed to him shelter. Allaudin's ire was roused when he came to know of it. He immediately attacked the fort of Ranathambhor. The armies of Allaudin and Hamir Dev met in a battle on the banks of river Banas. The Rajputs had the initial victory. However, because of the personal feud between the Prime Minister and the Senapati (General-in-charge of the army) Hamir Dev's army got disorganized. The Prime Minister succeeded in getting the Senapati killed. Meanwhile, Allaudin reorganized his forces and made a renewed attack on the fort. Some unscrupulous officers of Hamir Dev, with Bhoj Dev as their leader, colluded with Allaudin and started giving him secret information about the fort. The war continued. The strong walls of the fort were strategically so situated that it was not possible to blow them down with gunpower, for the debris so created had already killed numerous soldiers of the Sultan in their futile attempt to break in to the fort. At last Allaudin sent a message to Hamir Dev saying that in case he was ready to hand over Muhammad Shah to him, he would go back to Delhi. Hamir Dev was too self respecting to make such an ignominious compromise. He sent back the messenger with the reply that when the Rajputs promised to protect someone, they even gave their lives for his safety. Muhammad Shah saw the hopelessness of the situation and conselled Hamir Dev to hand him over to Allaudin rather than fight such a long drawn-out war and suffer such an enormous loss of lives and resources. Allaudin's army was immense. He put a complete siege on the Ranathambhor fort. Bhoj Dev and his informers kept on supplying him information on the food of water situation inside the fort. The ill-fated war bended with the Sultan's legions emerging victorious. The female members of the Rajput kingdom committed jauhar and gave up lives on the pyres. Hamir Dev, himself, severed his head and put it in front of Lord Shiva's idol as an offering.



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जय श्री बाबा बालकनाथ

बाबा बालकनाथ जीपंजाबीहिन्दू आराध्य हैं, जिनको उत्तर-भारतीय राज्य पंजाब और हिमाचल प्रदेश में बहुत श्रद्धा से पूजा जाता है, इनके पूजनीय स्थल को “दयोटसिद्ध” के नाम से जाना जाता है, यह मंदिर हिमाचल प्रदेश के हमीरपुर जिले के छकमोह गाँव की पहाडी के उच्च शिखर में स्थित है। मंदिर में पहाडी के बीच एक प्राकॄतिक गुफा है, ऐसी मान्यता है, कि यही स्थान बाबाजी का आवास स्थान था। मंदिर में बाबाजी की एक मूर्ति स्थित है, भक्तगण बाबाजी की वेदी में “ रोट” चढाते हैं, “ रोट ” को आटे और चीनी/गुड को घी में मिलाकर बनाया जाता है। यहाँ पर बाबाजी को बकरा भी चढ़ाया जाता है, जो कि उनके प्रेम का प्रतीक है, यहाँ पर बकरे की बलि नहीं चढाई जाती बल्कि उनका पालन पोषण करा जाता है। बाबाजी की गुफा में महिलाओं के प्रवेश पर प्रतिबन्ध है, लेकिन उनके दर्शन के लिए गुफा के बिलकुल सामने एक ऊँचा चबूतरा बनाया गया है, जहाँ से महिलाएँ उनके दूर से दर्शन कर सकती हैं। मंदिर से करीब छहः कि.मी. आगे एक स्थान “शाहतलाई” स्थित है, ऐसी मान्यता है, कि इसी जगह बाबाजी “ध्यानयोग” किया करते थे।

कहानी बाबा बालकनाथ जी की कहानी बाबा …

Kuldevi of Rajputs - Kuldevi of all Rajput Vansh and Gotra

Kuldevi of Rajputs - Kuldevi of all Rajput Vansh and Gotra Posted on26 december 2014by ADAMAY SINGH PARMAR Rajput are divided into three vansh Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Agnivanshi. Each of these vansh are divided into different clans(Kula), Shakh, branch. The kul serves as primary identity for many of the Rajput clans. Each kul is protected by a family goddess, the kuldevi. Here is list of kula with their kuldevi :


Rajput Quotes
Utha kar rifflle jab jeep mein savar hote, bandhkar saffa jab banna taiyar hote, dekhtihai dunia chatton par chadkar , or sochti hai ki kaash hum bhi “”RAJPUT”” hote

Some people try to be smart,handsome and cool
all their life
but some are born
zindagi to “”Rajput”” jiya karte hain
diggajon ko pacchad kar raj kiya karte hain
kaun rakhta hai kisi k sir partaz
“”Rajput”” to aapna raj tilak
swayam aapne rakht se kiya karte hain
its true……….
********************************* Rajput Guns Some believe on God………… ­……
Some believe on None………… ­…..
But only we “”RAJPUT”” stil believe on GUN………… ­…….!!!!!!!! ­!!!!!!!!!!**
jab hum chalte hai, jutiyon seaawaaz nikalti hai…..
hum chillate hai toh panchyat kaamp uthi hai…..
jab hum sote hai ,toh duniya ghar se bahaar nikalti hai…..
khaauf itna hai ki ,,sabki””RAJPUT””ke naam se hi saansein saath chhod nikalti hai..
********************************* Rajput sms
Dosto ke dost hai hum,
Karte hai dosti bade pyaar se,