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History of Chauhan Vansh

History of Chauhan Vansh

chauhan rajput history
Chauhan Rajput History
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Ancient History of Chauhan Vansh

Chauhan vansh is also considered as Chahuman. Chahuman was the person who is responsible for origin of Chauhan vansh. Chauhans was the valiant in all the Rajputs. There are 26 Branches of Chauhans . Hara, Deora, Sonagra etc are known for their valor.

Chauhan means- Four handed people, Quadrilateral

According to mythology, The legend was sended by Brahman to fight with demons. Them only Chauhan had defeated the demons.

At the Mount Abu some monks and Brahman were doing Yagya. Demons came there and started to disturb the Monks. So Monks made a Yagya kund to stop the demons. But after seeing that demons started to throw the pieces of meat and bones in Yagya Kund.

So in order to stop the demons, Monks started the prayer of Lord Mahadev. After prayer, a man appeared from Agni Kund, But he is not looking like a warrior. So Brahman said him to sit there by making him gatekeeper. After it a second man appeared from Agni Kund. They named him Chaluk. The a third man appeared, Brahman named him Parmar. He got demons to fight , But he lost.

chauhan rajput logo
Chauhan Rajput Logo
The Brahman again started prayer, So finally from Agni Kund, a man with frontal war and fully covered with war clothes, had appeared. He had Bow in one hand and Sword in other hand. Brahman named him Chauhan Chauhan's were sent to fight with demons. Finally Chauhan killed the demons.

Monks and Brahman were very happy due to debacle of demons. Chauhan got their name due to that person(Chauhan from Agni Kund) Prithviraj Chouahn was born in same Chauhan vansh.

Anhil was the adam of Chauhans . Their are 39 Chauhan kings from Anhil to Prithviraj Chauhan.

Chauhans are divided into 24 branches. The current dynasty of Bundi and Kota are more famous.

Khinchi from Gagron and Radhogarh, Devde from Sirohi, Sonagre from Jalore Chauhan from Suryabah and Sanchore, Paveche from Pavagarh are famous for their bravery.

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  1. does bahaduari gotras cme undre cohan rajput plse seply

  2. does bahaduari gotras cme undre cohan rajput plse seply

    1. yes, Bhadauria is a subclan of Chauhan Rajputs.

  3. Bhinmal ke chauhan ki history chaiye.

  4. Bhinmal ke chauhan ki history chaiye.

  5. I need information about village sountli.near sub tehsil shahzadpur.ambala.haryan.
    Who is the founder of this village,
    Are there live Chauhan Rajput in this village in the time of before partition of indopak


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